Take Control of Your Weight Loss Surgery With Private Treatment

Private gastric sleeve surgery offers numerous advantages over waiting for treatment on the NHS. Some of the biggest advantages come from the extra control you will have over when, where and how you will be treated. Although you will still be guided by your doctor, choosing private gastric sleeve surgery means that you will have more choices to make.

Private Consultant

When You Will Be Treated

Rather than waiting for a surgery time to become available, you will be able to have the operation at a time that is right for you. You won’t be placed on a waiting list so you will be able to have the procedure as soon as your surgeon thinks you are ready. You may need to make some lifestyle changes and other preparations first, but the operation will happen when on your schedule, not the hospital’s. You will also have a say in exactly when the surgery takes place, so you will be able to fit it around other commitments and activities.

Where You Will Be Treated

Another benefit of private gastric sleeve surgery is that you can choose where the procedure will be performed. You can select a high quality private clinic where you feel comfortable and you may also have a choice of hospitals where the operation can take place. You will be able to select the one that is most convenient for you.

Who Will Perform the Surgery

When you choose your weight loss clinic, you will also get to decide on the surgeon who will perform your gastric sleeve surgery. You will be able to look for someone with the right experience and to ensure that you feel comfortable with them when you meet for the first consultation. Knowing that you have chosen a doctor who you trust can make a big difference when you are undergoing surgery.



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