Timeline for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you’re planning to have gastric sleeve surgery, then you’ll need to commit to a process that will take many months. You’ll also need to make permanent changes to your lifestyle.

  • Initial consultation with a bariatric surgeon: learn more about the procedure and have a check up to ensure you are a good candidate.

  • 2-3 Weeks before the operation: you’ll be put on a calorie-controlled diet for at least a few weeks before the procedure as it can reduce the size of your liver and lower the risk of surgical complications.

  • 1-2 Days before the operation: you won’t be able to eat or drink anything before the procedure.

  • Day of the procedure: you’ll be admitted into hospital and prepared for surgery. You will meet the anaesthetist and be given a general anaesthetic.

  • 2-3 days in hospital: you will feel sore and drowsy when you wake up from the operation. You won’t be able to eat for at least a day and you’ll then start a liquid-only diet.

  • 2-3 weeks recovering at home: you should arrange at least a couple of weeks off so you can rest and heal. You should be able to eat pureed foods by the end of this period.

  • First 2 months: gradually introduce more foods back into your diet and increase your physical activity.

  • 1 year after surgery: Most patients will lose 50-60% of their excess weight by this time.

Afterwards: you should make permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle after gastric sleeve surgery so that you can achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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