Which Foods Can You Eat After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Your diet will change dramatically after you have your private gastric sleeve surgery at our clinic in London. At first, you will need to avoid eating solid foods at all while your stomach heals. Even after you have recovered, you will need to watch what you eat very carefully in order to make your weight loss surgery a success.


Food You Can Eat

You should eventually be able to eat most foods after your private gastric sleeve surgery so you will be able to enjoy a varied and balanced diet. However, you will need to restrict your calorie intake and aim for a healthy diet that contains plenty of protein and limited fat and sugar.

Foods You May Need to Avoid

Certain foods can be more difficult for you to digest after your private gastric sleeve surgery. Although everyone responds differently, you may experience nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain after eating them. Once you can eat solid foods, it is best to try them in small amounts and to wait a while before trying again if you feel unwell. You may need to avoid:

  • Fresh bread, although toast is usually easier to digest
  • Pasta, especially if you choose larger shapes or don’t use much sauce
  • Rice, which can be easier to digest as soft risotto
  • Some types of meat, especially when roasted or fried, smaller pieces that have been stewed, marinated or slow cooked can be easier for your stomach to handle
  • Stringy or fibrous vegetables such as courgette and aubergine, cooking them for longer and removing the skins can help. Other vegetables such as broccoli, tomato and beetroot can be easier to digest.
  • Fruit, which can be easier to digest if you cook, peel or eat tinned fruit in juice
  • Foods that contain lots of fat or sugar, which could upset your stomach as well as containing lots of calories

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