Great experience, I felt well taken care of. The doctor was great and the staff were great. I even received phone calls after to check on how I was doing. Overall the experience was perfect for me.
I had WLS on 4/2/23. Mr Agrawal was very friendly and helpful from the first consultation to post-surgery. Hospital was very nice and quiet. The staff were very attentive and caring.
From my first consultation and all the way through Mr Agrawal is informative & supportive. Everything about him makes you feel that you're in safe hands. I would 100% recommend surgery with him and his team. Gastric sleeve - January 23.
Professional helpful information and advice were given with an explanation of available options, and potential risks associated with each treatment explained clearly.
I was very happy with my surgery and the care provided by my Doctor and the nurses. They were all very professional and everything went smoothly. Only thing I would have hoped for was clearer step by step guide to each appointment required before and after surgery.
I had a great experience with Mr Sanjay Agrawal and his team. My surgery went well with zero complications and I am losing weight! If you are worried, don't be- you are in the best hands.
I had my treatment at The Spire East London. The staff were kind, friendly & professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to The Spire East London.
Everything was perfect from the staff and facilities, I felt taken care of and would highly recommend to others. The after care was also perfect, the hospital even called me to check up on me too. Thank you.
Top quality of care received from Mr. Agrawal right form the first consultation. He was always very prompt on his replies and I felt well supported. Had to have my operation postponed for some further investigations but this also speaks to how thorough he is.
Mr Agrawal is amazing. From my first consultation and all the way through he is informative & supportive. Everything about Mr Agrawal makes you feel comfortable throughout the process and I would 100% recommend surgery with him.
I was very happy with my surgery and the care provided by my Doctor and the nurses. They were all very professional and everything went smoothly . Only thing I would have hoped for was clearer step by step guide to each appointment required before and after surgery.
Absolutely outstanding care. Mr Agrawal is very frank and honest, but also caring. I’m so glad I chose him for my surgery. The staff at the Spire East were absolutely lovely, friendly and caring.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

On average, a person will lose 50-60 % of their excess body weight (the difference between their weight before the operation and their healthy weight) within a year with gastric sleeve surgery. However, the surgery won’t do all of the hard work for you. Although having gastric sleeve surgery should make sticking to your diet a little easier, you will still need to follow your diet plan very carefully.

The gastric sleeve procedure takes one to two hours. The surgeon will usually be able to work laparoscopically, which means that you will only need small, keyhole incisions. You will need to have a general anaesthetic.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Long term weight loss

60-70% average excess weight loss


Gastric sleeve surgery helps to cure type 2 diabetes

A healthier lifestyle

Helps you reduce hypertension or medications

Increase mobility

Beneficial for patients having weight related joint pain

Increase self confidence

Prioritising mental health. Aims to ensure long term mental wellbeing

Restore fertility

Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome have restored fertility

Your Weight Loss Journey Starts Here - Steps to book your Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • Contact Us
    Contact the team and arrange your personal appointment with lead surgeon Mr Sanjay Agrawal.
  • Your Plan
    Meet your surgeon Mr Agrawal (in person or via telephone, depending on your preference). Mr Sanjay Agrawal will provide you with honest and open advice about your surgery.
  • Your Team
    Your surgeon, dietitian and nursing team will fully prepare and support you for surgery.
  • Your Care
    All of your needs will be met by our specialist care team during your stay at the hospital.
  • The New You
    Our excellent aftercare and support team are available to you at every step of your journey, working together as you discover ‘The New You’!
Every person is different and unique and we offer a service specific to your individual needs. The bariatric team works collectively with you to provide advice and support as you progress.

Unparalleled Aftercare and Support

We emphasise our commitment to delivering an exceptionally thorough postoperative support package tailored to your needs. While bariatric surgery serves as a valuable instrument for weight management, our dedicated postoperative support team collaborates with you to enhance its effectiveness throughout your weight loss journey.
Private Gastric Sleeve Clinic stands out as the provider offering Excellent Support & Aftercare service, committed to ensuring that you achieve the desired and well-earned results from your procedure.
3 appointments with your surgeon in first year
2 appointments with your dietitian in first year
Unlimited access to surgeon and dietitian for support within your hospital package of care
Personalised dietary care advice specific to your needs
Exclusive access to peer support via private Facebook group
Exclusive access to monthly support group meetings with bariatric team
Access to our social media community
Telephone support and advice everyday

Illuminating Stories: Inspiring Stories of Positive Influence

“Since having the operation I can now go into any shop and buy the clothes I love, rather than the clothes that just fit my size. I could never have imagined buying a size 10 before. The operation has not effected my social life in any way.”
“My experience of Mr. Agrawal was very positive, he was very positive about doing the surgery, he was very relaxed and I was very confident in him. I would definitely recommend Mr. Agrawal.”
“Mr. Agrawal, that’s a lot of fun, absolute brilliant guy.”
“I was a bit scared going to see him, I’d brought my husband with me, in case I forgot what he said. Having someone beside me was very useful. He explained the procedures and types of procedure, and which one I could go for. He was very down to earth and straight forward, I found it very pleasant”
We’re rated Excellent on:

Mr Sanjay Agrawal - Bariatric Surgeon

Mr Sanjay Agrawal is a specialist bariatric surgeon, who performs laparoscopic weight-loss procedures at London’s Homerton University Hospital as well as in different private hospitals based in London, Essex & Hertfordshire.

Mr Agrawal is certified as ‘Master Surgeon in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery™ (MSMBS™)’ by Surgical Review Corporation of USA. He is the only Weight-loss/Obesity Surgeon in the UK to achieve this designation. Worldwide, this is seen as a marker of quality assurance in patient care. Mr Agrawal’s team is very proud of his achievement, as it underscores his long-term commitment to high standards of treatment.

Following an invitation, Mr Agrawal has joined Top Doctors® UK and become a member of their international medical team following identification of him as a leading specialist in Bariatric Surgery in the UK. Top Doctors® is a global reference for international medicine and e-Health, bringing together the most renowned specialists in Europe, Latin America and the USA.

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